Holiday Time!

So it’s December.  More music, more fun and a good time to celebrate!

what the hell, another night at Joe's in Burbank with the Eric Ekstrand Ensemble 11-17-2015
what the hell (this is a joke, look carefully at the picture taken by Joe Weinroth), another night at Joe’s in Burbank with the Eric Ekstrand Ensemble 11-17-2015

“Hey Bartender” from live blues gig with Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer  at Roscoe’s in Long Beach

Leslie Baker plays bass and sings for Floyd Dixon, his most famous song with Albert Trepagnier, Jr., a great drummer from New Orleans and long time friend.  We both spent time on the road gigging with Floyd and compare some humorous memories at the end of the audio.

This time of year brings out some sentimentality in me.  Special people in my life come to mind even if they are no longer here with us on earth.

Interested in making your holiday celebrations kicked up a notch? Live music! I can provide for you, think about it……..

Seize the day (or night as the case may be).

Happy Holidays!