This House

Current Residents:

Leslie Baker (Basses, Vocals, Keyboards)
Tsugumi Shikano (Drums, Percussion) Andrew Carney (Horns),
PhilWright (Keyboard)
Eric Ekstrand (Keyboard)
Charlie Ferguson (Keyboard)
Sunny Na (Keyboard),
John Balbuena (Keyboard),
Forrest Penner (Guitar)
Laura Pursell (Vocal)
Dave Barge (Vocal).

The Look of Love

Tsugumi, Charlie, Eric, Andrew, Leslie (4:26)


Must Be Jelly Baby

Leslie, Tsugumi, Forrest, John (3:44)

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

Leslie, Laura (1:54)

My Romance

Leslie, Phil (5:05)

How Deep is the Ocean

Leslie, Charlie (4:12)

Linus & Lucy

Eric, Leslie, Tsugumi, (4:07)

Accentuate the Positive

Leslie, Tsugumi, Andrew (4:13)

Scotland’s Burning

Leslie, Tsugumi (3:07)

All Blues (Live in the Studio)

Leslie, Dave (3:45)

I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face

Leslie, Sunny (4:05)

Let’s Stay Together

Leslie,Tsugumi, Sunny (4:22)

Why Don’t You Do Right

Leslie, Phil, Tsugumi (3:55)

Never Forget*

Leslie, Tsugumi (2:53)

*original music from the OK Corral (written by Leslie Baker,Tsugumi Shikano, and Paul Chevalier).

Special thanks go to Tsugumi Shikano for his enthusiasm and talent, to Paul Chevalier for his dedication and vision and to all the players for their wonderful performances. Thank you Neva for pitching in and to husband Joe for continuing support and cool pix.