Recording at Ranch Cabin

Recording at Ranch Cabin Records is easy and flexible. We can usually accommodate most busy working schedules at our recording studio in Silverlake.

We know many musicians in the Los Angeles area, so if you need someone to fill out your sound, we can probably find someone skilled who will suit your needs.

We have the equipment — all you need to bring is your talent!

Singers!!! Instrumentalists!!!
Music Charts-Lead Sheets available  in your key with intro & ending.

$30 per page (2 page minimum).

1 page Chart $40.

Good Vibes


Drummer Man (The TiTiboom Song)

For All We Know Kevin King Piano Leslie Baker Bass and Vocal

Leslie Baker Duo

Ken’s Song

Ken brought us his original to record with Leslie on Bass Tsugumi on Drums

duck of doom

“I’m the Duck of DOOM. Click on me to watch the MoonRock Music Video!”

No in between in 2015!! Thanks to drummer Billy Paul, contraguitarist Anand Bennett  along with engineer Paul Chevalier I was able to come up with something original called Jaunty.

Recorded here:

Anand Bennett