eye classicalBassist Leslie Baker, a Los Angeles native has been involved with music from an early age.  Her Father, Dick Baker was a professional pianist and vocal coach.  He started her on piano and reading music at age six.  By twelve on his suggested Leslie start playing bass. Very shortly after that she was performing on double bass with her Dad at his gigs.

Leslie continues since age 20 to make a living as a musician.  Versatility and continuous growth are some attributes of Leslie’s musicianship that her large network of musician friends, teachers and co-workers have noticed. Leslie considers Red Callender to be her most important mentor.

Strongly influenced by Jazz and Blues, Leslie has been privileged to share time on bandstands with many great musicians including the inventor of Rock and Roll, Earl Palmer, Jazz great Billy Higgins, recordings for the legendary Willie Dixon, road gigs and recordings backing Blues giants Floyd Dixon, Bill “Honky Tonk” Doggett, Lowell Fulson, Harmonica Fats and many more.

Some wonderful singers Leslie has worked with include Barbara Morrison, Nell Carter, Linda Hopkins and Oscar Brown Jr.

Long tenures in the bands of Al Aarons and the L.A. Jazz Caravan (Count Basie/Studio trumpeter) and sixteen years with bluesman Floyd Dixon (songwriter Hey Bartender, Operator 210, Jump Piano/Vocals) have afforded numerous festival and recording opportunities.  A particular highlight among many festivals with Floyd was the Monterey Jazz Festival. It resulted in a recording “Live at Monterey”. “Wake Up and Live” another collaboration with Floyd Dixon won the John Handy Award.

Leslie plays electric and acoustic basses, sings, composes and arranges and is currently involved in three classical ensembles with the goal of taking the bass to new places. Her self-produced CD’s on her label Ranch Cabin Records display all these talents in a variety of settings.

There have been numerous TV and Movie appearances including Star Trek TNG, Frasier, House, Bones, Addams Family Values, Red Dragon, Walk Hard and most recently The Voice for Leslie with her bass.

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As a bandleader Leslie books the Leslie Baker Band and the chamber group Leslie Baker and Friends for special events, concerts, workshops and shows.  The reviews from clients are consistently positive.

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