Post……?? Past……..?? Pandemic?!???

Mid March 2020 Upside-down I go>>>Mid June 2022>>>

are we through yet?

I found new ways to make music from my home studio where I practiced more than when gigs were plentiful and drove & roadied less.

I found time and inspiration to write original music turning poems into songs.

The 1st poem from a neighbor ROADMAP:


Marylou Watkins

Something changed one starless night

The roadmap shifted before the light.

Perceptions, once we thought we knew

Suddenly are no longer true.

The talking heads argue why,

While people lie and children cry, 

 The heroes try, the unlucky die.

Reality shifts from place to place,

Unseen forces quicken the pace.

The road is forked, the signposts gone,

The future is looking  grim.

As we seek to know the truth

In this changing paradigm.

The 2nd poem from a friend FLOW:


(a song for sheltering in place)

Marc Berg

Wise man told me  long  ago when we can’t fight or flee we can FLOW, we can FLOW
Now it’s quiet, we have time, great to have Amazon Prime we can FLOW

Hear the music, feel the beat, make your house all nice and neat

Think of  places far from here.

Put your mind in neutral gear.

Comfort food is GOOD for you, order pizza, brownies too we can FLOW
Fields of flowers,  golden sand, fun we had in Disneyland we can FLOW

Play the music, feel the beat, make your house all nice and neat

Think of  places far from here.

Put your mind in neutral gear.

Take a nap and watch TV, YouTube videos are fun and free, we can FLOW

Pet the dog, stroke the cat, stretch out on your yoga mat we can FLOW

Wise man told me  long  ago when we can’t fight or flee, we can FLOW

“When we can’t fight or flee, we can flow.”

Tis August

The Way Red taught me to play Speak Low!

Things are picking up this month. I’m doing a new show as part of Hollywood Fringe Festival with week end shows thru August.

Tickets available

Gatsby, an immersive Illumination

Chapter 1: East Egg


AUGUST 08, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

Once I got my ticket I got a text message from “Daisy” calling me “Nick” Don’t be alarmed. It’s not a spam text like I initially thought lol. Awesome use of the space. A live upright bass is played throughout the night as tone and underscore which was elegant and driving the pace. 
The actors are fantastic. They interact with you and want you to verbally respond to their questions.

What I didn’t like

Wish it was longer. I was having such a great time I wanted to hang out in that world a bit longer. Which is NOT something I’ve ever said about a Fringe performance before. Kudos.

My overall impression

Truly felt like I went to a swanky dinner party.

Hello normal?

Roadmap, our latest production featuring Devyn Rush and Joe Goldberger:

Mask on, mask off……coming out of a plague or danger ahead? Making new friends during safer at home orders is different and for many, more difficult.

I found a new friend on Her name is Marylou Watkins. She posted a poem there that so resonated with me I felt compelled to write music for it.


We’ve been mandated to stop so many businesses in California due to stay home orders. My usual way of doing music, live for audiences is not allowed, gatherings not allowed……for now.

The mix and mingle that means so much to me has moved online. I see some wonderful folks in 2D. Some are people I have done things with in real life, some I only “meet” online. We can all be global this way.

I cannot stop doing music even when the work is gone.

This circumstance has given me a long awaited sabbatical. I hope I have used it well and will continue to use it well. I’ve been producing music, covers and originals that I publish at my YouTube channel. My band members & I coordinate and create music videos remotely.

Here are the results so far.

Hanging with my co-writer on this one Doug Legacy

Big fun at the Hollywood Bowl

What a pleasure it was to play string arrangements by David Campbell and Oliver Kraus conducted by David Campbell.  We were at the sold out Hollywood Bowl with The Dave Matthews Band.   What a great evening it was participating as part of the string section.

DMB Sold Out!