Fly High in Fall

September holds excitement for me and my crew.  Please join us at Mixx in Pasadena this coming Thursday September 6, 2018 from 8-11 pm

The band will start things off followed by some special guests joining us later.LeslieBakerbass

Special notes about this event:  The area code is 626 not 625 like on the flyer.  Parking is a bit of a challenge, be forewarned. That’s the not so great news so to lighten that blow I give you a recent 1 minute composition of mine recorded at my studio in case you are trying to get somewhere in Downtown L.A.  The words come from the grandson of a Red Car Driver.

We used to have Red Cars in L.A. long ago.  Lucky you! The special event Thursday, it will include a live recording, is in Pasadena, not Downtown so not so hard to find.

I would love to see you there!