Tis August

The Way Red taught me to play Speak Low!

Things are picking up this month. I’m doing a new show as part of Hollywood Fringe Festival with week end shows thru August.

Tickets available


Gatsby, an immersive Illumination

Chapter 1: East Egg


AUGUST 08, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

Once I got my ticket I got a text message from “Daisy” calling me “Nick” Don’t be alarmed. It’s not a spam text like I initially thought lol. Awesome use of the space. A live upright bass is played throughout the night as tone and underscore which was elegant and driving the pace. 
The actors are fantastic. They interact with you and want you to verbally respond to their questions.

What I didn’t like

Wish it was longer. I was having such a great time I wanted to hang out in that world a bit longer. Which is NOT something I’ve ever said about a Fringe performance before. Kudos.

My overall impression

Truly felt like I went to a swanky dinner party.