Got busy in November 2022 & beyond

Already the end of March 2023 & I’ve gotten so busy after 2&1/2 years of no
live music, no gatherings allowed!
I’m incredibly grateful for live music and
audiences happening again!
There is a lot of news and developments….
Let’s start here, I promise to continue this thread and post more from
November and beyond!!!
My quintet performed at Harmony Room in Eaglerock, CA 11-12-22
That same week I performed at the opening gala for
Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival honoring Neena Freelon
So fun playing jazz with these guys!
Sid Jacobs, great guitarist, host and makes great coffee

Michael Kaufman full of heart and soul invited me to start jamming with these guys during shut down time in LA
Dave Price, dedicated, talented and a cool hang!

Thanks Joe Weinroth for the above pix