Up & Running (walking) from 2022 into 2023…..

Little by little the schedule keeps getting more filled in and interesting.

I surprise myself over how much I truly love to perform music live!

Urban Press Winery in Burbank CA is turning into a fun spot I make appearances at…

Leslie Baker Trio with John Balbuena & Ken Park @ Urban Press Winery, Burbank CA


And that was just over a year ago…

Shaking off the dust somehow preparing for who knows what?!

Like I said, making gigs with talented people I like has so lifted my spirit.

My Hollywood Hang

“Don’t know what you got ’til it gone” Thankfully the school program sponsored by Los Angeles Jazz Society & others sailed once again in 2023 after a no go in 2021 & 2022.

Memories of NAMM show mostly right before Covid & the New Years Eve gig that took us into 2020

There’s a lot more going on. This is a taste. I’m feeling stronger, grateful, writing new original music, lots of exploring musical directions…& a bunch of real cool gigs!!

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