Up & Running (walking) from 2022 into 2023…..

Little by little the schedule keeps getting more filled in and interesting.

I surprise myself over how much I truly love to perform music live!

Urban Press Winery in Burbank CA is turning into a fun spot I make appearances at…

Leslie Baker Trio with John Balbuena & Ken Park @ Urban Press Winery, Burbank CA


And that was just over a year ago…

Shaking off the dust somehow preparing for who knows what?!

Like I said, making gigs with talented people I like has so lifted my spirit.

My Hollywood Hang

“Don’t know what you got ’til it gone” Thankfully the school program sponsored by Los Angeles Jazz Society & others sailed once again in 2023 after a no go in 2021 & 2022.

Memories of NAMM show mostly right before Covid & the New Years Eve gig that took us into 2020

There’s a lot more going on. This is a taste. I’m feeling stronger, grateful, writing new original music, lots of exploring musical directions…& a bunch of real cool gigs!!

#lesliebakerbass #bakerbass

Variety keeps it Spicy

I enjoy making music in many flavors.  Let me know when I can make some for you.

All by myself, I’m beginning to see the light….

Cello Sonata on Bass 6-5-18


Something’s Coming

Leslie bandleader for event honoring the fantastic Carol Kaye

Caltech Orchestra Basses

A party jam with Kim Richmond and Milton Nelson

Thanks Gordon for giving me a bass spot on Sunset Strip

Jazz in the Schools Bakerbass
LAJS Jazz in Schools
Dr. Bobby Rodriguez Band

New Orleans in the House

Blues Hurricane blowin’ with me and Dena

Bass is bass, acoustic or electric, I love it and it keeps me busy.  How thankful I am for all of that!!

All photos by Joe Weinroth except where otherwise noted.